Alcazar Garden
East Fountain
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Architect Richard Requa designed Balboa Park's Alcazar Garden for the California Pacific Exposition of 1935-1936. Converting the Montezuma Garden from the 1915-1916 Panama-California Exposition, Requa added two tile fountains, eight tile benches, and created a formal garden design based on the Moorish alcazar gardens he had visited in Seville, Spain.

After the tiles had become badly deteriorated, The Committee of One Hundred undertook fundraising and began restoration of the fountains and benches in early 2008. Original tiles were preserved whenever possible; some tiles from earlier restorations were replaced because of poor quality. More than a thousand new tiles were installed, matching the originals closely in color and design.

The Committee of One Hundred has created the Alcazar Garden Tile Maintenance Fund to facilitate repair of any future tile damage. Contributions to that fund can be made at

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