Barn Owl
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Common Barn-Owl (Tito Alba) This owl is called common because it can be found in most countries and many islands. The barn owl occurs in great numbers in Southern California and can be identified by its heart shaped face.

Barn Owls do not hoot as is typical of many owls; they issue a hissing shriek. The eyes of owls look forward in a fixed position and cannot move to the side, as the human eye can. Therefore, to see to the side or back, the owl must turn its whole head. They see extremely well at night. Their hearing must be extremely acute also, for it is known that a barn owl can strike a mouse in the dark. The Barn Owl's diet is dominated with mice, rats, voles, gophers, and shrews. In smaller amounts it will also take a vast array of other food including larger insects, reptiles, fish, and smaller birds.

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