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Sporting a comical looking plume above his boldly patterned face, the male California Quail (Callipepla californica) is beguiling as it rummages on the ground and through shrubby vegetation that provides a safe and easy getaway. He keeps in touch with the rest of his covey by giving a distinctive three part song that sounds something like "chi-ca-go", as well as other quieter call-notes. The female quail is somewhat plainer looking without the boldly patterned face. But she still wears a short crest on her crown and other features such as a scaly looking belly and crisp side streaks. They are always wary of potential danger and predators, but if they feel safe they can be seen along the edges of dense brush, along footpaths, and on bush-tops. It is given the special designation of being the official state bird of California. ------------------------ Claude G. Edwards

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