Chostner Castle
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This castle was built on land, which was part of Mexico until 1848. It was patented to Gervacio Nolan on July 1, 1870. There was a disputed claim of partial ownership by the Barela family from a transaction with Nolan in 1862. Nolan's heirs later sold it to Annie Blake, Charles Goodnight & Peter Dotson. They sold it to William Mellon of the Central Colorado Improvement Company on March 30, 1872.

On January 2, 1880, Colorado Coal & Iron bought it. In the 1890's it went to Lucius Gibson. Then the Whitehead family obtained it until they sold it to Doris Crowell on June 14, 1928. It was foreclosed on by Railway Savings and Building on January 15, 1930. Vera Jesse Chostner purchased the home on May 10, 1934. She and her husband James Earl Chostner raised their family here and today Lt. Col. J. E. Chostner owns the home. It can be seen at 215 Van Buren St. in Pueblo, Colorado.

The canvas size is 18 x 24 inches.

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