Coyote Spy
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The Coyote (Canis latrans) is the most widespread relative of the wolf in North America. The native range of the coyote covers most of the North American Continent from Panama northward to Alaska.
Coyotes can survive in a variety of habitats and have successfully adapted to an urban existence in many parts of the United States and Mexico. As humans expand their living areas and coyotes expand their range as well, contact is inevitable. Most of the time, coyotes go out of their way to avoid humans, but they are discovering that humans are a good source for food. Resourceful and adaptable as coyotes are, they will take advantage of this when they can. In urban areas and in some National Parks the Coyotes are changing their behavior.
Mostly nocturnal, the Coyote is an opportunistic predator. It uses a variety of hunting techniques to catch small rodents, birds, insects, snakes and lizards; it also likes rabbits and squirrels, which makes up the bulk of its diet.

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