Dynamics of
Spirit, Soul
and Body
created by

This nine-panel mixed media painting embodies an evolution from realistic, to abstract, to symbolic art. Like Rorschach patterns, the viewer's perceptions and interpretations are based on the interaction between their previous experiences, and images in the painting.
Depicting the universe reaching toward Infinity, this prize-winning painting incorporates planets in space with many dynamic movements and motions. This concept is too large to fit on one canvas andit's like looking into the universe through small windowpanes. With sunlight shifting the colors, this painting reaches beyond its environment. An observer remarked, "It has a feeling of infinity to it."
The spheres and the planet-scapes, are symbols of the universal. Feelings and intuitions, the intangible and invisible, energy patterns, moving in a metaphysical manner are what this larger than life painting is all about.
"Dynamics of Spirit, Soul & Body" won a second place ribbon in the 14th Annual Mile High Art Festival, Denver, CO.
Each canvas size is 24 x 18 inches for a total of 72 x 54 inches.

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