Egret Eating
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In most of the places where they occur, the snowy egret (Egretta thula) is the most likely and easily encountered egret species. It is best known for its lacy and recurved, or upswept, breeding season plumes found on their crown, chest, and back. For a time in history these feathers were highly prized for decorating ladies' hats, nearly causing their demise. Now long-past, "snowies" can be commonly observed searching alongside other herons and egrets at favorite perching sites, or searching for prey in shallow waters, utilizing a distinctive hunting style. With each step they make through the shallows, snowy egrets dangle their yellow feet and shake them, causing a prospective meal to move. Their yellow feet and skin around the eyes distinguish this from other white-plumaged egret species. ---------------------------------------- Claude G. Edwards

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