Elk Rack
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Elk, Wapiti, Red Deer (Cervus elaphus), were once found in much of the Northern Hemisphere, but today large populations are found in the western United States from Alaska and Canada, south through New Mexico, and also
a region in Michigan.
They are very social animals and live in summer herds with as many as 400 individuals. Elk browse in the early morning and late evening. They are inactive during the day and the middle of the night. Elk have a close association with white-tailed deer, sharing similar environments and habitats.

The largest elk ever recorded weighed about 1000 lbs. An average healthy bull weighs about 700 lbs.

During the rut, when big bulls are gathering their harems for mating purposes, a loud, pitched, bugling call is heard throughout the park. This bugle serves as a warning and challenge to other bulls. If a second bull responds to a bugle, the two bulls will likely engage in a battle, crashing their antlers together and then pushing and wrestling until the weaker one gallops off.
The winner of the battle gets to claim the harem of cows.

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