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Hedgerow Hairstreak (Satyrium saepium) - One of the more common late spring, early summer hairstreak butterflies.
It is found throughout the western United States in association with its host plant, Buckbrushes or ceanothus. One of the key identification features is the reddish coppery color on the upper side. The underside is a dull brown with an ashy-gray cell near the tip of its hind wing just below its tail.

It is an aggressive butterfly, which actively defends its occupied territory from any intruder, including humans. When they come to rest they almost never open its wings and can blend into its surrounds very easily. This is one of its important predator avoidance techniques. It does not have a preferred flowering plant in which to nectar from but will use most any plant flowering at that time. Best locations are chaparral habitats where ceanothus is common. .---------------------- Michael Klein

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