Liquid Amber
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Liquid Amber (Liquidambar styraciflua) also called sweetgum. "The Liquid Amber grows up to 100 feet tall. The lower branches spread 20-25 feet. It has striking, star-shaped leaves that are deep glossy green in summer, and change to brilliant, variable shades of green, yellow, scarlet, and purple in fall. A distinctive feature of this tree is the prickly, brown, ball-shaped fruit that mature in autumn and persist into winter. The fruit is often used for indoor decorations.
The name "sweetgum" comes from the balsam-scented resin obtained from the trunk by peeling the bark and scraping off the resin-like solid. In pioneer days, this gum was used for medicine as well as for chewing gum. An important timber tree, sweetgum is second in production only to oaks among hardwoods. It is a leading furniture wood, used for cabinetwork, veneer, plywood, pulpwood, barrels, and boxes.
The Liquid Amber lives as a native in the East and South and is planted in the West."

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