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1927 John Deere
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The model year 1927 saw some major changes in the beginning of the 19217 Model D Tractors. A number of new wheels were made. Two different front wheels were used. The earlier ones used the same front wheels as the models A and GP tractors that were introduced at a later date. The major difference, however, was in the introduction of the 6 ¾" bore piston replacing the 6 ½" bore piston.
The 1927 model year started with SN 43480 and ended with SN 54553. Many changes were made at about SN 53387. This tractor is
SN 47422,
putting it in the earlier category. Thus many earlier parts were used in the original assembly of this tractor, which were not available for restoration. The parts used are still authentic parts for the later 1927 tractors. -----------------------------
Loren G. Good

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