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Growing up on a farm in Nebraska gave me an appreciation of nature, and the grandeur of wide-open spaces.

My career in art must have begun in kindergarten where my teachers always gave me extra art assignments to do. At the time I didn't know why, but years later I concluded that it must have given them a better idea of what I might be creating next in their classrooms. This continued through the eighth grade. In my high school there were no art classes so I studied art by correspondence with Art Instruction, Inc., the folks who made the "Draw Me" Girl so popular in the 50's. Immediately after graduating from high school I enrolled in Kearney State College where one of my art professors began selling my paintings for me to another professor who shared his office. Others began to buy my work and I've been selling ever since. Wanting more art training I transferred to the University of Denver where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

I enjoy working in many different media including: watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels, collage, drawing, photography, digital art and more.

My photographic career began when, as Art Director of "Nashville Magazine" I was not getting what I wanted from our freelance photographers. So, I bought a camera and went to one of the best photographers in town, Joe Bomar, and asked him to teach me how to use it. I've been taking professional photographs ever since. At the turn of the century (2000) I transitioned from film to digital. The optillusion is an art technique that I developed in 2005. An optillusion is a picture that appears to change in some subtle ways as you view it from different angles. The only moving part is the viewer.

My dedication to the preservation of plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth motivate me to take pictures, rather than specimens. My philosophy, "Man was created to participate in the creative process" drives my art. I am always building bridges between: Abstract, Realistic and Surrealistic images, emotional and logical, right brain and left brain, metaphysical and physical, and people who are discovering their commonality.

I am a member of: Digital Art Guild, Photoshop Users Group, San Diego Art Institute,
San Diego County Art Mart Association, Afiliated Fine Artists and Shelter Island Art Association.

My work is timeless. I deliberately place subtleties in my art for you to discover with time. These include: textures, objects, details, relationships, optical illusions and hidden elements.

Yesterday is but a dream; tomorrow is but a vision, the last minute is gone; the next minute is not yet here.
The only time we have to act in is "now!" I delight in capturing small pieces of the infinite "now" in my art, which will out last me. This is my gift to you.

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