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What is an Optillusion?

The optillusion is an art technique that I developed in 2005. So far I have not seen anyone else trying to copy this technique. An optillusion is a picture that appears to change in some subtle ways as you view it from different angles. At art shows someone is always standing in front of an optillusion and asking, “is this a photo or a painting?” The correct answer is “Yes,” it is both and more.

To create an optillusion I begin with one of my best digital photographs. I work on it in the computer, cleaning it up and enhancing it. Then I giclée print it onto artists canvas. Next I mount the canvas on stretchers (24 x 18 in.) just like any other painting. Now I enhance it even more by painting into it with non-traditional paints and varnishes. I also build textures into the art with a pallet knife and other tools. I often apply different materials such as sand, seashells, feathers, leaves, beads, grass, rhinestones, etc. depending on what serves my purpose at the time. When my work is complete I have created a limited edition, numbered and signed, giclée printed, hand-embellished canvas just for you. It is called an Optillusion.

Making Salsa
Jan's Rose & Monarch
Pacific Sunset
Old Point Loma Lighthouse
Blue Morpho
America's Cup Harbor
Gulf Fritillary Lives Here
Egret Eating
Two Blue Morphos
Star of India
Max Jr.
Pretty in Pink
Midnight Bloomer
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