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Pan, the Greek god of the shepherds and forests, fell passionately in love with Syrinx. Syrinx, a beautiful, delicate fairy wanted no part of this unusual god's attentions. Frantic to escape, the lovely water nymph sought help from her sisters. Horrified by the appearance of Pan, the sisters used their mythical powers to change Syrinx into a reed. The reed would grow and flourish at the water's edge. Pan's infatuation for his lost Syrinx demanded possession. He took the thriving reed from the riverbank and divided it into seven pieces and joined them together, each side by side. Pan's love became a musical instrument that sounded when a breath danced across the open ends. The ancient Greek god Pan, created the first flute pipe instrument, an instrument that today is the most majestic King of Instruments, the Organ.

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