Pasque Flower
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Pasque Flower (Anemone pulsatilla) Pasque Flowers usher in spring. Their huge purple goblets are furry on the outside and on bright April days, before the leaves are on the trees, their blossoms will amaze you!
This variety blooms sometime around April through June. They are called Pasque flowers, Paschal Flower, or Easter Flowers, blooming around the time of Passover. The leaves have occasionally been added to soups for Passover feasts, despite their toxicity.
The Pasque flower has become rare in the wild because of herb harvesting. Although the medicinal possibilities of its alkaloids are real enough, so too is the likelihood of being harmed by ingesting even small amounts of this potent herb.
It has acquired some small bits of mythology, as is true of many useful plants. It was believed that the flowers closing early in the day foretold stormy weather; or they were said to close their petals at night because fairies slept within. Pasque flowers collected for bouquets were believed to protect the household.

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