Passion Vine
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Passion vines (Passifloraceae) Passion Flowers have about 400 different species and come in many colors. This one is a Passiflora caerulea. They grow quite well in the warm southern climates of the United States, and are native to Tropical America in places like Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Peru. Many Passiflora have very complex flowers, some are scented, some are used in commercial perfumes, and often the colors are bold and striking. Passion vines are known worldwide for fragrance, beauty and for their religious significance.
The flower has religious significance in that the five sepals and five petals, usually all- similar in shape and color, were the ten faithful apostles; two were absent, Peter who deceived and Judas who betrayed. The radiate corona was the crown of thorns; the five stamens
were the five wounds, the ovary the hammer, the three styles the nails & the tendrils were supposed to represent the whips.

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