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Ravens (Corvus corax) Ravens are the largest members of the Crow Family. They average 24 inches tall, with a wingspan of 46-56 inches. The raven is all black with a metallic shine of purple that is visible in certain lighting conditions. The bill is large and stout and in flight, the tail appears wedge-shaped, which distinguishes it from crows, which have a fan-shaped tail.
Ravens are among the most intelligent of all birds. They can find food even in the harshest conditions. Ravens know how and when to take advantage of other animals to help them obtain a meal they couldn't otherwise reach. Ravens have be seen following wild wolf packs to a kill so that they can finish what the wolves leave behind. Some stories even have ravens flying ahead of the wolves to lead them to prey.
Ravens can be found in a variety of habitats, from treeless tundra to coastal sea banks, rocky cliffs, mountain forests, and desert canyons, to open plains.

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