Sea Stars
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Sea stars (Asterias rubens), some people call them starfish, but they are not really fish, they are sea stars. The common sea star has five limbs and is very slow but powerful and agile. It has the strength to pry open mussel and scallop shells and have been known to raid oyster and mussel beds to feed on the shellfish. Sea stars have also been blamed for the dramatic destruction of coral reefs.
The sea star has no head or brain, but has a nervous system that provides sensory ability. Sea stars cannot see where they are going, but they have a tiny red eyespot at the tip of each arm that tells them the difference between light and dark. With the power of regeneration, a complete Sea star can grow out from a torn or damaged limb.
Sea stars can be found in every ocean of the world, but the North Pacific is home to more species of Sea stars than anywhere else.

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