Soaring Hawk
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A soaring hawk is a familiar sight over southern California with the occurrence of several different species, each with its own characteristics and behaviors. To the casual observer the figure of a hawk flying round and round with outstretched wings and spread tail can be noted and dismissed with the blink of an eye. However, for those who notice the natural world in and around their own lives, the sight of a hawk gliding against the backdrop of blue sky and clouds can be mesmerizing. The most likely variety of hawk to be found soaring overhead is the red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis). This is a species that can be seen in one of many different plumages, from overall dark-bodied to remarkably pale-bodied, such as this one. Their bronzy-reddish-brown tails that can appear pale orange or pinkish when seen from below identifies adults. There is typically a narrow black band bordered by a narrow white band near the tail-tip. Immature birds, such as this one, lack the namesake reddish color, replaced by several narrow dark crossbars. -------------------------------------------------------------------- by Claude G. Edwards

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