Star of India
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The Star of India was built in 1863 in the Isle of Man. It is the world's oldest active iron-hull sailing ship.
Originally named The Euterpe for the Greek goddess of music, the ship was launched in 1863. It was used in many different capacities, from a cargo vessel to a passenger vessel, on a polar expedition and finally back to a cargo ship. In 1901, she was sold to Alaskan packers who rigged her down to a bark and later renamed her Star of India. She was retired in 1923, sold to San Diegans in 1926 to become a museum, and then became a historical landmark in 1966. Finally, in 1976, the fully restored Star of India was put to sea for the first time in fifty years. She sailed perfectly that day, and is still sailing several times a year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sandy Thomas

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