Star of India
Under Bridge
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On November 14, 2004, the 141st anniversary of her launching, the Star of India for the second time, successfully sailed under the San Diego - Coronado Bridge driven solely by the power of the wind in her canvas. The ship slowly approached the bridge under the command of Captain Richard Goben, with a skilled & dedicated volunteer sailing crew, and the steady hand of Col. Merrill Day USMC Ret. at the helm. Everyone fell silent as a wave of awe & wonder rippled through the ships company. From the deck it seemed as if the towering masts would clear the bridge by mere feet when in reality there was more than adequate clearance.

Moments after this photograph was taken the calm was broken by the shouted command, "Stand by to take sail!" Halyards were eased, braces manned, lines cast off, and others hauled. In minutes her sails were taken in. As the Star of India was taken under tow for the return to her berth at the Embarcadero the crew went aloft to furl the sails and reflect on their part in preserving and participating in history. -------- Bob Ross, Mizzenmast Captain S. D. Maritime Museum Volunteer Sailing Crew

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