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The Star of India was launched as the full rigged ship "Euterpe" at Ramsey, Isle of Mann on November 14, 1863 just days before President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous speech, at Gettysburg where he said "Four score and seven years ago . . . ".
In her early years Euterpe plied the trade routes between England and Asia carrying cargos of silks & spices. The 1870's found her transporting emigrants from England to a new life in New Zealand making 21 circumnavigtations before being sold to new American owners. In 1902 she was re-rigged as a "barque", re-named Star of India, and began sailing out of Oakland, California to the Bering Sea, salmon fishing for the Alaska Packers until her retirement in 1923. A determined group of San Diegans purchased her in 1926 for use as a waterfront aquarium but she lay neglected until a 1957 visit by Captain Alan Villiers sparked new interest. By 1976 she was once again restored to her former glory and able to go to sea in honor of the nations bicentennial. Today she is sailed by a dedicated crew of volunteers who also maintain her and carry on the traditions of the sea.

By Bob Ross -- Volunteer Crew Member

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