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The 1939 John Deere A in the foreground was manufactured in Waterloo, IA. This model was made from 1934-1952.
The original cost was under $2400.00. It was the first John Deere tractor to come from the factory with rubber tires.

The tractor behind is a 1962 Minneapolis Moline M5. They were produced from 1960-1963 and their original price was $4900.00.
They weigh 6800 lbs. John Kuehn at Heartwell, NE owns both tractors.

Once upon a time these mighty machines could be seen working across the landscape planting, tilling and harvesting your food. You may remember seeing them, or you may have actually driven one of them. Today, they are no longer leading technology in the agricultural industry; they are collectable items for those who enjoy remembering how it used to be down on the farm.J------------------t Janette M. Kuehn

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Loren Good’s 1927 John Deere

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