Two Sea Gulls
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Heermann's Gulls (Larus heermanni) with their bright red bill, white heads and dark bodies, look like no other gull in the United States. Their habitat includes islands and surrounding waters, ocean, beaches, sloughs, estuaries, lagoons, bays and harbors.The Heermann's Gull prefers to feed in areas where there are offshore kelp beds, rocky shorelines, and sandy beaches. They eat fish, shrimp, mollusks, and crustaceans, as well as scavenging with other gulls. They catch fish by approaching from behind and making quick dips into the water near the surface. They also steal food caught by pelicans and sea otters.This Gull floats on the ocean surface and loafs on pieces of driftwood. When on shore, it can, usually be seen with other species of gulls. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sandy Thomas

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